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CSR Efforts

Environmental Policy

Through earnest research, we apply the latest technology to product manufacturing.
As environmental initiatives, in the same manner as the international ISO14001 certification for environmental management systems, we promote environmentally friendly manufacturing for the "realization of a beautiful global environment."

Community Interaction

[Environmental Philosophy]
We believe that the preservation of the environment is a crucial issue for the entire human race, and as a corporation engaged in production that is instrumental in creating beauty and health, our philosophy is to contribute to the "realization of a beautiful global environment." We declare the following environmental policies.
[Behavioral Policy]
  • (1) We aim to run a factory that gains trust from the local community by respecting the environment and preventing pollution.
  • (2) We will adhere to laws, regulations, and requirements concerning the environment.
  • (3) We will inform our employees of our environmental policies and work to promote environmental awareness through education and enlightenment. We will strive to maintain and improve environmental management systems.
  • (4) We will promote energy-saving measures and resource saving, and will endeavor to carry out environmental preservation actions, such as reducing the waste produced through production.
  • (5) We will make efforts to beautify the local environment, and maintain and improve the work environment.
[A List of Environmental Objectives and Goals]
Environmental Objectives Environmental Goals
Reduction of industry waste
  • ●Reducing defective items by improving work processes (3% reduction)
Promotion of energy-saving actions
  • ●Thorough understanding of air conditioning, lighting, and PC operation methods
  • ●Maintenance of incidental production equipment
  • ●Reduction of energy used for air conditioning (5% reduction)
Promotion of resource saving
  • ●Implementation of cleanup activities around the company (4 times/year)
  • ●Participation in community cleanup activities (Setagawa Tanabata Clean-up)
Activities related to ISO education
  • ●Implemention of promotional education (3 times/year)

Environmental Efforts

Learn about our skin!: science class for kids
Twice a year a "Children's Science Class" is held for local elementary school children. In order to catch the children's interest, not only do the staff members talk about the skin, but they also allow children to actually look at their own skin magnified under a microscope. In addition, children are given a hands-on opportunity to mix ingredients according to a recipe, to create cosmetics. The class is popular among the children, as they get to learn various facts about skin while having fun at the same time.
  • Founder of the Company :Kokichi Mikimoto